Where East

Meets West

About company

KTZE-Khorgos Gateway dry port is strategically located on the Kazakhstani-Chinese border, on the Kazakhstani territory, which is in the center of Khorgos-Eastern Gate Special Economic Zone.

The total area of the Dry port is 129.8 ha, it is integrated with logistic (224.9 ha) and industrial (224.6 ha) zones. This project provides the optimal solution for containers handling and opens up the new opportunities for the further industrial handling of the imported goods. Participants of the SEZ obtain a full package of tax and customs preferences within the framework of this perimeter.

Khorgos Gateway is considered as a strategic objective for the purpose of creating the logistic hub, which will enable to cover the world market from China to Europe, running through countries of Central Asia, Turkey and Persian Gulf countries.

The operator of the Dry port is KTZE-Khorgos Gateway LLP Company, which is the branch organization of KTZ Express JSC, in co-management with the third by size largest port operator in the world - DP World.

Owing to the experience and management of DP World Company, KTZE-Khorgos Gateway is the world class project, which provides the services according to the international standards, based on efficiency, safety and environmental integrity.

Efficiently developed infrastructure of the project favors the development of trade and economic relations between the East and the West. Also, new logistic solutions significantly decrease the costs in the ‘supply chain’ and accelerate the delivery term on the world market.

Khorgos Gateway favors the development of the country at the regional level, as well as positions of Kazakhstan as the key country in formation of the New Eurasian Economy.