Where East

Meets West

About company

KTZE – Khorgos Gateway Inland Container Dock is strategically located on the Kazakhstan-Chinese border, within the Kazakh territory, which lies in the center of Special Economic Zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gates”.

ICT’s total area ​​129,8 ha is located on the logistics (224,9 ha) and industrial (224,6 ha) zones, thus providing an optimal solution for the containers handling and other logistic, - and further industrial -services to participants of SEZ. Tax and customs incentives are also provided.

In the Customs Union Khorgos Gateway considers as a perspective distribution center, primarily for the CU countries, and further export to the markets of Europe, China, Central Asia, Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries.

The efficient infrastructure of the project actively promotes the development of trade relations between East and West. This decreases supply chain costs significantly and will accelerate getting the goods in to the world market.