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The dry port KTZE-Khorgos Gateway – is an evolving multimodal logistics hub, where multiple cargo operations will take place. These operations include wagon and container operations, transshipment, terminal handling, additional logistical services, storage and consolidation of containers and cargoes at the container yard, storage of packed-piece goods at warehouse.

*Warehouses are included in the register of Warehouse holders in accordance with the order of the DGD for Almaty region № П-276 from 25.08.2016. Together with the representatives of the customs authority, complex services for processing and storage of packaged goods are rendered at the warehouse.

Some of them are:

-  Accepting and dispatching trains.

-  Transshipment of containers/wagons from narrow gauge (Chinese – 1435mm) to wide gauge (KZ – 1520 mm) and vice versa.

-  Transshipment of auto tracks (Chinese to KZ and vice versa).

-  Transshipment of vehicles (wagon to wagon, auto to wagon).

-  Formalization of block trains.

-  Warehousing and terminal operations associated with loading, grinding, refining, sorting, stuffing / unstuffing, storage and shipping of cargo.

-  Weighting.

-  Sealing/unsealing.

-  Custom clearance, insurance, guarantees on all types of risks.

Khorgos Gateway operations are available for different type of cargoes such as containers, general cargo, cars and heavy vehicles, bulk cargo and project cargo.