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The first charity marathon in Panfilov region «Healthy women – healthy nation»

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Today in Zharkent city (Panfilov region) was held the first charity marathon dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. More than 500 people took part of this event.

«KTZE - Khorgos Gateway» and Akimat of Panfilov region initiated a charity marathon to raise funds for free breast screening for local women. On October 30th and 31st there will be free of charge ultrasound examinations in Zharkent city and Altynkol station. Also as part of the program, a training will be carried out on the prevention of breast cancer and teaching women self-examination.

Every year in Kazakhstan, more than 3,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, low level of awareness and lack of social responsibility for own health care leads to severe stages of the disease, which reduces the chances of successful recovery.

During the first two hours of free screening, three women have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

«It is very important for us to take part in social life of the Panfilov region and try to contribute to improve living conditions of the local residents, especially women, whose husbands and children are working with us» - said CEO of «KTZE – Khorgos Gateway» Karl Gheysen.

Workers from ICBC «Khorgos» and «NC «KTZ» - Altynkol station» also took part of today's event.

Press Office of «KTZE-Khorgos Gateway»