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Khorgos Gateway accepts first container train from China

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Last Wednesday, the dry port operator KTZE-Khorgos Gateway started commercial operations. The first cargo train from China arrived on 29th of July and went, in the direction of CIS countries.
The construction of the dry port started last year in June, and today its operator «KTZE – Khorgos Gateway» handled the first 30 containers. This operation included transshipment from narrow gauge to wide gauge and customs clearance. Handling time of complete cargo train took 1 hour and 11 minutes only. Therefore, the most important quality of the "Dry port" is speed and efficiency.

At the start of the project CEO of Khorgos Gateway Karl Gheysen informed: “Today we have 83 people working in the Dry Port. Over ten billion of KZT has already been invested in this project. In total, the project is estimated near 25 billion of KZT. Currently over 70 people are employed, and by next year, 365 people will work here full time. The implementation of this project will have a positive impact on the development of Panfilov region. It will stimulate economic growth of the country, and more importantly – it will make Kazakhstan the largest transport and logistic hub in Central Asia".

Today the railway terminal and container yard are both functioning in the project. The necessary handling equipment is purchased. In September of this year two temporary bonded warehouses will be commissioned. Scheduled cargo volumes until the end of 2015 are 38 760 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent).
This project is a key part of the government program "Kazakhstan-New Silk Road" and new economic policy "Nurly Jol – Path to the Future."

The timelines of the project are in line with the recent accession of Kazakhstan to WTO. This will lead to a significant increase of container cargo flow. By applying modern and world class technologies in line with the largest port operator DP World standards, the dry port KTZE – Khorgos Gateway will be the most efficient solution for the transportation of import and export of goods.

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