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The official opening of the УKhorgos GatewayФ LLP office was held

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The official opening of the “Khorgos Gateway” LLP office was held. During the ceremony, CEO of “KTZE – Khorgos Gateway” Karl Gheysen, the representative of global operator Dubai Port World (DP World), was handed a symbolic key of new three-floored building.
Our correspondent interviewed Karl Gheysen on the company’s plan for developing the project.
I am pleased to confirm you that today we have completed the creation of the company Khorgos Gateway. This is the company which will be running the operations in the dry port and manage the logistics and industrial zones of the SEZ. We have been working in close cooperation with DP World, the company which principles and techniques allow to operate the largest SEZ of Dubai – Jebel Ali (Jebel Ali Free Zone, JAFZA). Now we start working in our new office.
We have been working on the container terminal which will start functioning this year in July. We are planning to start operations with containers that will come to the dry port with a cargo. The management company has already allocated staff of people to work on the start of operations.
We have simultaneously also started attracting investors. The project SEZ has been successfully presented in Dubai. We are also planning a visit of Chinese investors. Many companies are interested in cooperation with our company and they are also interested in investing in the logistic area. And we intend to continue our work in this direction.
-Does it mean that you already have your first investors?
I cannot say names, but we already have several people who are interested in our project. We have a confirmation from one company that they will be the first investors in the logistics area. We will tell the name of our first investor very soon.
I am happy to say, that not only foreign companies will benefit from this project, but local companies also. For instance, there is an interest of the export-oriented manufacturers. In particular, a local company active in treatment, storage and exports of corn and cereals is interested in keeping its products in terminal.It is a very big step for us, because the construction works of the project will be completed by September and October.
SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate" has a great importance for Panfilov district of Almaty region, because 80% of our staff will be from local people. Export of local products will definitely give the regional and country’s economy a boost.I think that the first results of our work with investors will be seen in July of this year.
- How many people are working in your company today?
- We started from 20 people, and in July we will have 60 people. At the end of this year we plan to increase our staff to 150 people. By the end of the next year, when industrial and logistics zones will be functioning , we will extend it to 350 people. It is only in the company, which is engaged in operations.
Talking about the whole project, in 3-4 years it is expected that we create ten thousand workplaces. If ten thousand people will work, at least 20 thousand people will come to the region. Now I am talking about only first five years, when we start operational activities. Subsequently, there will be 50 thousand people. Not only workers, but the population of this area will increase significantly. There will be a new city. Therefore, the Government, local administrations and KTZ are working on providing this region with hospitals, schoolsand shops. President NursultanNazarbayev in his program "NurlyJol" notes that it is necessary to motivate people to work in the region, and this project pursues to achieve these objectives.
- Will you bring principles and techniques of worldwide terminal operator DP World to the project?
- DP World has a relevant experience around the world. Working together, we will bring international standards in creation of special economic zone "Khorgos - Eastern Gate". It is important to note that this project will be led by five foreign DPWorld representatives. However, all the main functions of our company will be implemented by Kazakhstani people, including the vice-president of our company. Together we will recruit people and train them, in order to carry out the highest international standards in our work.
-Do you think that Khorgos will be Dubai in future?
-I think Khorgos will be mini Jebel Ali.